Subscription and Trigger

I have published a document. Now I want trigger to pick that document rounted via broker and pass it to subscribed service. Problem is - I can run the subscribed service standalone successfully. But I am unable to establish connection between triger and subscribed service. It calls the right service with publish document values populated in the pipeline but I just can’t retrieve its values from subscribed service.

I would really appreciate any insite.


Hello Anupam:
Check to see if you have named the input document to the Service with the exact name as the Broker document type. For example, if the Broker document type is testDoc:testDoc_msg, the input document type to the service should be a reference to this document and have the same name as the document type including the namespace.
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I am able to retrieve value as part of document object in the subscribed service. I just can’t extract that value from the service . I would really appreciate any insite on this.


As mentioned in the above reply, your subscribing service should have an input documentType (reference to publishable doc) with the name same as the fully qualified name of the publishable document. This name can be found by right clicking on the publishable doc and click on Find References. This name is slightly different than the broker doc. e.g. Find Reference will give you “sample:myDoc” whereas the associated broker doc would be “wm::is::sample::myDoc”. So create a input documentReference with the name “sample:myDoc” refering to sample:myDoc.

By doing this your input document is populated automatically once the document is published and subscribed by the trigger.
Now you may declare a local document lets say temp_doc with the same structure as sample:myDoc and in the first step in the service use a map to populate this temp_doc.

Now you have flexibilities to do whatever with the data populated in temp_doc.

Hope this helps!

I agree with Ashis’ comments.
A simple way to verify this is to have "savePipelineToFile " as the first step in the target service. Then verify if the documentType reference NAME is same as what you have mentioned in input.

This generally is the problem if you are selecting the record by clicking the folder image for input in input/output.

Hope this helps


i TRIED TO AS SUGGESTED BY Ashis and Ram. Unfortunately, it pipeline out variable does not display my temporary document parameter when I call it via trigger. When I run the flow service just created seperately, it works fine. I don’t know what the problem is.

I would really appreciate any insite on this. I have spent lot of time figuring out what the problem is??



I do not know if this info will be of any use.

Here is the checkList:

Is the document published.
Does the trigger pick the right document.
Is the trigger enabled.
Does the trigger invoke the right service(i mean the target service).
What document is being received by the service.

Having verified :
You have to use the same document name as you are receiving at the target service.

Hi Friends
I published a document from developer to broker and while subscribing to that document i am having some problems…I created a trigger and a flow service .i gave my service name and also selected my publishable document in the trigger.In my trigger service i mapped my publishable document reference(Name is Broker Document type name only ) to a temporary document of the same structure,but i am not able to retrieve the fields from the document…Can any one tell me what is the problem…Plz help…

Hi Jimmy,

In service which u mentioned in the trigger, invoke save pipeline and restore pipeline services. Disable the restore pipeline. After publishing the document, disable save pipeline and enable restore pipeline. Again run that service, then u can get one document in result panel. Give that document name(what ever u got in result panel) in input panel. Now u can extract values from subscribe document.


Hi Babu,
Thanx a lot man.your solution solved my problem,i am able to subscribe to the document.

Hello everybody,

    I'm using Webmethods 4.7 bridge to publish the Document from IS (webmethods 4.6 versin) to Broker( Enterprise server). Now i want to know how an IS service can be invoked( Subscribe to ES document) after this publish happens.(I want to know how to use Trigger in webMethods 4.6) thanks in advance