Subscribing 2 Document and making LIST


Once you have the resultset from the DB ,Why can’t you publish whole list by wrapping it into a publishable record and subscribe the whole doc containing the list and then loop thru the recordlist and create a flatfile(this FFSchema will have delimiter (new line) for every record and after mapping to this FFSchema/IS Record do a convertToString and FTP this string.


Yeah that Right
But when I get result set from Database I need to map each result set into Canonical Document (Xcbl Record Structure ) ,
for that reason I created Document Type from that DTD and I am using that document to map from Database to Canonical document.
For example I have 3 record set I am getting 3 canonical and publish 3 canonical document,
I thought of appending 3 document into a list and Publishing it.
But when I subscribe it I am just getting Single record .
Is there any other way of handling document and Publishing Document List to Broker.



Make that Xcbl recordstructure as recordlist(publishable document) and so map the 3recordset to the structure above and publish it to Broker and subscribe the same publishable document(recordlist).

or else

In the subscribing service upon receiving the Canonical document then in the beginining steps use recordReference or documentReference and make that cannonical document as recordlist and so using appendToRecordList or appendToDocumentList(inputs map Canonicaldocument(record) to fromItem and map Canonicaldocument(recordlist)to ToList and output map the ToList to Canonicaldocument (recordlist) and make sure you drop the fromItem(canonicaldocument).So that this will not overwrite instead appending will takeplace.


Thanks RMG
I made a Publish Doc with a list so when I publish I am able to receive the list of document. I appreciate for your advice.


Glad it worked…