Subscribed Document - Triggers - Look up


I have a publishable Document say ‘xyzdoc’. I want to find which trigger is subscribing to this document. Is there any way to do this (without opening each trigger and looking at the ‘Document Type’ column?


Well, I’m not sure this will do exactly what you want, but you can use the WmBrokerAdmin package’s BrokerInformation page to list the clients of type “Trigger” and then view the doc types subscribed to by each trigger.

You can drill down into the details of a document type using WmBrokerAdmin to see how many subscriptions exist for that doc type but not list them.


Right click on the publishable doctype and click “Find dependents”. You should see the list of Flow services that refer to it and the list of triggers that subscribe to the doctype.


Thanks Pete. That will help.

Ahhh. A much better solution…