String Concatenation

Trying to concatenate multiple variables (and delimit them with some character) in a flow service to obtain a single string.

  1. Create a Variable in the pipeline out. Ex. temp

  2. Set the Value and check the perform variables substitution.

  3. Here is what you do after that make sure all your variables exist in the pipeline.

    %var1% Your Delimeter %var2% Your Delimeter %var3%

This way you dont have to go through concat step. You can use as many variables you want in this.



There’s a built in service:


Check your Built-in-services Guide…

Why not use a Java Flow service…pass all the variables in, use simple java concatenation, and pass the variable out. Its simple, and faster than using regular mapping functions in flow. The documentation with the IS server has examples on how to write java flow services.


Thank you guys, wrote Java method to do that, I think that’s the best approach.