Storing Find Retain list even if session is over


Can anyone please help me in my below query.

is it possible to store my Find retain list after the current session is over?

All I want is the find retain list to be with me so that I can use the list when second time I call the program…

The restriction for a RETAIN set is:

Hello Mr. Winter,

Thanks for the reply.

However, even if I dont give a release statement, once the session is over, the list will automatically get released.
:frowning: :frowning:

I wanted the list to be retained after the program is over.

Sorry, this is simply not possible.

Why would you need it ?

An ISN list kept over session boundaries is likely to be invalid the next time you want to use it, records may have been added or deleted, the database reorganized and ISNs reassigned, …

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First, pay careful attention to Wolfgang’s last post. An ISN list is only a snapshot; there are many possible actions that will render such a list invalid.

However, assume you have a relatively static file, with any updates confined to specific time periods.

If you are processing the records in the program that produced the ISN list, you could create a work file with the ISNs.

Then, in subsequent programs, at some later date, you could read the ISN list from the workfile, say into an array.
Then, you could have a GET statement inside a “dummy” REPEAT loop.

Or, you could have a READ WORK FILE and a GET inside a dummy REPEAT loop.


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Thank you both for responding to my question

My service is a webservice which gives an array of records. when web calls the service, it gives a set of results and when web calls from a “next” link, it should give the other set of results… (web would use a restart key for this)

So I just wanted to keep the find retain set somehow in the system so that I dont have to do a find retain for the second time and directly I can find the file using the retain list.

However, now I think it can result in a lot of flaws if in between any isn gets updated in the system.

I will have to think of some other way.

Thanks… :slight_smile: