Stored Procedures in Sybase


I’m trying to call a stored procedure from a webmethods flow but I’m getting this error:

java.sql.SQLException: JZ0SG: A CallableStatement did not return as many output parameters as the application had registered for it

The return of the stored procedure is just on field as it’s set in the webmethods flow. I’m using a Sybase 12.5.

Does anyone know how to solve this problem?

Thanks in advance


Before doing a call to SP from webMethods,Please cross check the same using any SQL client to validate whether that SP is properly working as expected.Sometimes we cannot judge whether it is webMethods related problem of DB related based on the webmethods thrown error.

Since you SP returns only one field as OUT then i believe you have created the same in webMethods SP adapter service.


I call the SP from the database client and it works fine, so the problem is not in the SP.

And i also created the same output in the webmethods, that’s why i don’t know i’m getting this error.

Any other tips?


I am also getting the same exception can any one help me to sort this out…thanks