Stored procedure with Array as input

Hi Everyone,

I have an issue passing string list as an input to the adapter service template storedprocedure with signature.
Does webmethods supports passing array as input to the “storedprocedure with signature” adapter service by directly calling it to flowservice ?
If anyone implemented the same case, please guide me with the same ?


Did you see any errors, if yes, please share those along with screen shots. Also which wM version, JDBC adapter you are using, fix levels ?


Sorry for the late reply…

We have to pass input as STRUCT type to call SP [ART.117.4002] Adapter Runtime (Adapter Service): Unable to invoke adapter service
[ADA.1.316] Cannot execute the SQL statement “call
SCHEMA.PKG.P_NUMS( ?, ?)”. "
(99999/17074) invalid name pattern: SCHEMA.PKG"
invalid name pattern: SCHEMA.PKG

wM version 9.8
JDBC Adapter version 9.0
JDBC Fix- JDBC_9.0_Fix7
IS fixes: IS_9.8_Core_Pre-QAFix_PIE-40509_v2

Attached the screen shots of adapter service. Sorry, I had to erase and hide few names in the screen shot.

Hi Kritaa,

what does SCHEMA stand for?

Did you try using “” (the schema belonging to the user used to login to the database)?


Hi Holger,

Actual schema name is different. Not to disclose the actual name,I mentioned it has SCHEMA.
Yes the schema is the user used to login the DB.


Hi Kritaa,

then I am wondering why not just using “” option for schema.

Is the srored procedure correctly created on database and valid?

What is your Oracel version, btw?

Eventually it might be worth to try JDBC_9.0_Fix9.
Additionally you should check for WAR_9.8_Fix2 (for the AdapterRunTime).