Stopping and starting Enterprise Server

Hi all,

Can anyone help me to start and stop(Not in Unix or Linux) the enterprise server from Command prompt…I have worked in Active works 3.6 and 4.1,
there i can start and stop using a batch file Startserver.bat and stopserver.bat -debug 5…

Thanks in Advance…


There is an entry in the knowledge base on the webMethods advantage site on how to bounce the IS:

You can stop and start any service with the
net stop “webMethods Integration Server”

net start “webMethods Integration Server”

commands. The problem is that the IS does not stop when you stop the IS service. So you have to use the directions from the knowledge base to stop the IS. Then Stop the service. Starting the service will start the IS.

I created this java program to STOP the IS. The IS will stop and not start until the service is restarted.

import com.wm.util.

public class stopIS

What version of webMethods are you working with now? If you are working with 5x, you can use the broker_start and broker_stop commands located in the ES bin directory. Check out “Stopping and Restarting the Enterprise Server from the Command Line” in the admin analysis pdf. This explains these commands in detail.



We are using SAP Business Connector, which is based on webMethodes. I have to restart BC Server on daily basis, late in the night. I found there is a method wm.server.admin:shutdown in WmRoot package, but here is no ‘restart’ method. I found in your source code parameter (“bounce”, “yes”), I think that means restart. But there is no possibility in BC to set input parameters (as I know). My question is: how can I compile your program: I have a problem with imports, may be I don’t have some package, which is not included with BC Developer Environment.