Still cannot start TN Console for wM6

Did you run the DB scripts to create the tables ?

Yes I did,

And I can see all my tables with the wMDB alias I created In the IS Administrator.


Martijn - We have seen this error before and resolved it while in IS4.6 and going against Cloudscape. I do not know if our solution will help you in IS6.0.1 going against Oracle. In any event, here is what we did:

Extract zipped files in from IS_HOME/packages/WmTN/data directory. Make sure to extract it to the IS_HOME/packages/WmTN/data/TradingNetworks directory. This will re-initialize all TN parameters.

  • Rajesh


What are the required db scripts to execute:

I configured my connectionpool like this:
Associated driver alias: Datadirect Connect JDBC Oracle Driver
Database URL: jdbc:oracle:thin:@localhost:1521RCL
UserId: scott
Password: tiger (as UID and PW are default for Oracle)
minium connections: 1
maximum connections: 5
Idle Timeout: 120000

After that i connected this pool to all my functional alias definitions like “Processaudit”, “IsCoreAudt” , “TN”, and “Xref”. I tested the connections and the were sucessfull.

we already ran create_TN_6-0-1_Oracle.sql.but no luck to connect via TN Console.Is this the only script to execute?

Appreciate your help,


I see two issues here:

  1. You are using jdbc:oracle:thin. This is not supported by TN. You should be using either a datadirect Sequelink Server or a Datadirect Oracle Driver. Use your advantage account to download this required software, or contact webMethods support for the drivers.

  2. In WmTN\bin folder you will find init.xml. This has to be imported after creating required database schema in Oracle.

Once you have things in place, i am sure TN will work.

Hi Martijn,
Just remove jdk1.4 from the classpath settings and use jdk1.3.1 or lower. This error occurs, if you use jdk1.4.
Alternatively, try applying the new SP1 fix for wM6.0.1, which solves issues with jdk1.4.


Hi Chirag,

we are using DataDirect Connect JDBC Oracle Driver only if you see my message AssociatedDriver alias.

Can you pls elobarate more on how to use init.xml and where it should to be placed.

remember we already ran the db scripts for oracle and created tables and tested the pools.

Thanks so much,


I am sorry, because I mis-understood and mentioned the procedure used on TN 4.6.

Please refer to Page 94 of Installation guide of webMethods 6. Also refer to page 40 that talks about a built in DataDirect Type 4 driver.

the url used with DataDirect Drivers are in the format of jdbc:oracle://host:port; (Page 95).