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I am getting the error " An error occurred while reading the file. Ensure it is a valid Stats log file and is not busy or locked". I get this error when i try to open stats file for a particular day and it works fine for the previous days or next days stat log on the same server. Can anyone tell me what can be done or if there is another reader that i can use in order to view the stats log file.

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This tool (jar file) lets you to view stats information graphically. It also lets you to zoom in/out and print and save into png and jpeg image.

That tool can found here :


Hope this will help you out. :happy:



How are you trying to open this file, thorugh some custom code?? obviosly you can’t open it through file object as IS is continously writing data into it… archived files are static one so you can easliy work on those…



Thanks for the suggestions.

@ Naidu - thanks for the StatParser tool. I was able to open the stats file using the same.

@ ND - Initially i thought thats the issue, however I was unable to open the file even after it was archived.

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You should be able to open stats.log in read mode if you don’t block it.

Otherwise copy/paste/edit does the trick :smiley:

Under Unix, you don’t have this issue (no exclusive lock when writing).

Anyway, I stopped to use it and built my own monitoring tool because stat.log contains fake data, at least for memory usage. More, a wM’s PS told to me some other data are inaccurate.



Hi Laurent,

This reply is after very long time. Can you share the tool you have built.


My tool is going far deeper than the original statslog file. It following more information than wM optimize for infrastructure but doesn’t have OFI flexible interface.

For the moment, it’s for my company only (IP reason) but I can have a check with my management to release it as opensource if I got enough demands …

Thank you Laurent for your reply. I will looking forward for availability of this tool for us, after you get the required approvals.

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