Statless Property for all kind of services.

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Is it a best practice to set statless property to ‘true’ for all the main services(exposed to outside world/entering point of the service), utility services, webservice connectors, adapter services etc… or we are good enough if we set stateless to ‘true’ for all the main services.

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If the service is atomic ie not a part of multi service transaction set the stateless property to “true”. I generally maintain this practice for main as well as sub services.

I dunno if it is a “best practice” (what does that really mean anyway?) but it is a reasonable thing to do. Indeed, I wish the default setting was stateless as that is what 99% of externally called services should be.


With the above discussion, I believe setting ‘stateless’ property should be true for all the externally called services.

For a high traffic environment (services) can we state this way - the ‘stateless’ property should be set to true for all the externally called services and as well as all the utility services.

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Only “top-level” services matter. If “utility services” are top-level, then setting them stateless is useful. If they are only called by other IS services, then it doesn’t matter.

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