static page

Whats the best method of publishing a static page and have it accessible? I put a static page in project and published but I can’t find how to add it or even referenced in file system besides the deployment folder. Any help would be appreciated

By static page, you mean an HTML file?

If so, just use an HTML include inside a portlet, put the portlet on an MWS page, alias it, and away you go…


Tried that but i don’t seem to be seeing the include when i look at the source of the portlet. The other factor is that I would have a button that would take the submit of the page w/in the html line - bascially the action=’’ wouldn’t be pointing at webmethods but to another server - SSO solution idea.

You can use the IncludeHTML control like Lucas suggested (see; set the control’s “value” property to the path to the .html file from your projects WebContent root; for example if you have the following directory structure


set the IncludeHTML control’s value to “/my-html/my-file.html”.

Also, you can access that html file directly through the following url: