StateLess property of flow services

Hi All,

I need to extract stateless property of flow/java services.Do any one know what is the corresponding java API which returns the same.

I have gone through integration server java API “” but not able to get anything on this.

Baharul Islam

Have you looked into WmRoot API services. This API is internal to SAG and that is why it is not exposed publicly in the Java API reference.

Also if can you share your requirements to assist you further.

I’d use the classes Namepase, NSName and the like. They are available in the java services on IS, not on the client side, IIRC. We have once read the property “debug pipeline” this way.

I am able to get “debug pipeline” property using “getPipelineOption();” in NSName and NSService classes.But not getting any method to get stateless property.

Hi Mahesh,
By Wmroot Java API classes are you referring to ""Integration Server Java API Reference “” guide.Here I am not able to identify any such method to get stateless property.

Then I’d change this value and see what gets changed in node.ndf or in flow.xml. Then you’ll have a hint where to look. Some properties do not have getters or these getters are named differently from what one would expect.

I’ve found out this. You have to downcast NSService to Then you’ll have isStateless() available.