Startup of Integration Server 4.6 fails after installation o

For testing purposes I have installed Integration Server 4.6 on my W2K notebook. It went fine and the startup of the software worked perfectly well.

However, since the installation of Trading Networks 4.5 I cannot start the server any longer. When trying to run it from a cmd-shell via the server.bat file, I get the error messages
“The input line is too long.
The syntax of the command is incorrect.”

Probably a variable was extended over the system’s limits. Before putting too much effort into searching the exact reason for this behaviour, I wanted to ask you guys whether someone else already experienced this issue (and hopefully has a solution).


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I just re-installed the packages and now they work. Funny :slight_smile:

Encountered this after installation of several webM patches on Win2k machine. Due to Windows limit on # of characters allowed in command line (something like 256???)

Solution was to modify server.bat file (located in \bin directory:

Remove the second %B2B_ROOT%\ component in the section:
if exist “%B2B_ROOT%\lib\jars” (
call :appendJarsAndZips “%B2B_ROOT%\lib\jars”

That is, the correct code should be:
if exist “%B2B_ROOT%\lib\jars” (
call :appendJarsAndZips “lib\jars”