Startup Errors on login in Trading Networks Console


Did you ran all the necessary TN DB scrips for Oracle when you installed IS/TN server?Also make sure the ConnectionPools for TN is successfully run thru.

Also make sure network connection to OracleDB is up and running.



Yes I agree with RMG. You have to test DB connections using the JDBC pool screen in IS.


In addition to the above things also apply TNS_6-1_Fix13 and TNS_6-1_Fix15 for TN Console and TN Server.You will need these fixes to run your console properly after connecting with DB.


Puneet Verma

Thank you all.

Indeed while testing the DB connections in the JDBC Pools, I realised that the connections were not working correctly, the database URL was wrongly set.

Now it is working fine.

Thanks again guys.

Glad to know it was worked…


good to know it was worked…

Hi, Where to find the TNS_6-1_Fix15.jar and TNC_6-1_Fix13.jar to fix the login problem in Trading Network Console.

Also would like to know where to copy those files to fix the problem.

They can both be found on the site. They are under SW Dowloads, download fixes. They come with readme.txt files that explain how and were to install.

Only the Authorized Technical Contacts (ATC) of a webMethods customer have the ability to download fixes from Advantage. If you can’t see the files to download, send an email to WM Support or ask an ATC at your company to get the fixes for you.

BTW, critical fixes are available for download for every Advantage user, not just ATC’s.