starting process model with webservice.

Hi ,

Can we start process model with webservice?


Punit Kumar

yes … it can be done …


How please let me know?

Create a flow service with input/ouput documents you need, use webservice wirzard and create a WSD (Provider) from the above flow service.

In the flow service implement a publish step, and publish a broker document that is the “receive” start step for your process.

That is one or other way utilizing pub- sub model. If that is the case we can also conclude that using webservice we can also start model from TN. As per my understanding and my POC experience with modeler 6.5 for last 1 year , we can only start a model with pub-sub(normal pubsub and JMS notification) and TN documents with conversation ID.

Hope i am right, If not please correct me.

Well you can use as well, as “receive protocol”, not only Broker/JMS but also a “Simple Service”.

The “Simple Service” can be a webservice, however the downside from this implementation is that this is a synchronous path, so you need to implement in the process a reply step which is sent back.

You can start a process model from TN, and as far as I know you need the conversationID.


Hi Folks,

Can any body elaborate steps how to acheive this explained by Dev?

Scenario: Would like to call webservice provided in webMethods environment. After calling the webservice ineed this call should fire process model. How to acheive is this. Please correct if i was not clear or if it not feasible.