Starting java service on IS startup?

We’ve developed a Java service that implements a socket listener, and we’d like to automatically start this service on IS startup.

Yes, there is an easy way to start this on server startup. In developer, if you click on the package that contains your service, there is a tab called “Startup/Shutdown/Replication Services”.

In the left pane of the startup services section, find your service and use the blue arrow to add it to the right pane. Save and thats it. Now that service will run when the package is loaded on startup.

In 6.1 this is a bit harder to find, as clicking or double clicking doesn’t bring up the screen for this stuff… so Right-click and “open” on a package to get to the startup/shutdown services.


I would be interested in seeing the Java code that implements the socket listener.

i am very enthusiastic know the java code how it was written to socket listener