Starting and stopping of broker server

Hi all,
Can any one tell me how to start or stop the broker server? Ans also tell me whether if we stop the broker server, where the datas in broker will reside?

Yadhunandhan C

Hi, in C:\webMethods7\Broker\bin directory you can find broker_start.exe, broker_stop.exe and broker_sttus.exe files.

If using Windows you have a couple of services.

1- webMethods Broker monitor (starts and stops all configured brokers in that machine)
2- webMethods Broker (One per configured broker).
3- From command line as asolazzi told you.

If using Unix, you should have some SXXBroker and KXXBroker scripts in your /path/webMethods/Broker directory. You can use those for init.d scripts as well.

Inside Broker/bin you have awbrokermon.cfg file with all the brokers you have configured, and one line such:


Which points you to the path where data is.