Starting ADANUC on OpenVMS after crash during buffer write

How do I?

I manage to start adanuc, but get a message to Quit or Continue.

There is no place to quit of continue.

Any parms I can use to bypass this and just get the database up.

I have not reliable backups as the user did not think it necessary…

Is there anyone out there using this technology?

Your description of the events is a little vague, but try creating a new Work container.

Ok. I’ll try to be more clear. Thanks.

I have an existing adabas database running on OpenVMS-Vax on a Alpha server.

The database did not want to restart after an operator aborted the database in stead of shutting it down.

If I now restart the database it wants to do a autorestart.

The adanuc start script runs fine, adanuc starts, but then gives a message that your must specify C-ontinue or Q-uit the recovery. I have tried to enter a c or q, but can not enter anything. I am new to VMS and do not know where to change what parameter to get the autorestart to continue.


Bit late replying, not been here for a while. On VMS the nucleus sends out this request in the form of an OPCOM message. To view this type reply/enable (VMS OPER priv required), then type REPLY/STATUS - you will see the Nucleus request - to respond to this will the option you wish to take enter $ reply/to=n “x” - where n=the opcom request number (see output from reply/stats “request n”) where x=the Q or C etc the value you actually wish to respond with.

You can’t put this response or any default action in the

Hope this helps (next time!).