Starting a Process Instance

Here is my situation: We have 2 integration servers in a cluster IS1 and IS2.
I have a process model developed and promoted to both IS servers and subscribing to the same broker document type.

I want both IS servers to run instances in parallel. Example: I publish 100 documents. I have set the subscription trigger, on both servers, to run Consecutive and 5 threads.

I expected each server to run 5 processes start to finish but that is not happening.

IS1 will run 5 processes at the same time, IS2 will run 1 and then sometimes it switches and IS2 will run 5 while 1 is running on IS1.

How can I configure my system to run 5 of these on each server at the same time?

Bruce – I believe, it depends on the algorithm that you implemented as part of clustering, can you cross check once.


Hi Bruce,

can you have a look at the following article:

It explains how to set the different parameters for triggers for different purposes.

Can you share the complete settings from IS-Admin -> Settings -> Messaging -> Native Trigger Management?

Remember that these settings might get reverted to defaults when deploying the process packages subsequently.

which webMethods version are you using and which Messaging Provider (Broker/UM)?