Starting a model in analytics builder with a parent followed by nested child condition


I would like to start a model conditionally in a sort of multiple nested inputs (like like how we write a code with a parent if statement followed by a nested child if statement inside of it)

for example: what we consider the parent input if in case a worker is a particular geofence, if this parent condition is true, then based on events happening for users in this geofence we will wait for specific events in order to create a certain action

is this parent/child condition available somehow in analytics builder? because so far I can see that we can have one input (Alarm input, measurement input, event input etc…) but I am not finding how to test a child input into a parent input


This is a duplicate question and has already been answered here Model using Analytics builder for a group - Forum - Cumulocity IoT - Software AG Tech Community & Forums, I believe?