Start batch-file from scheduler or service

I would like to start a batch-file on my server from the wM scheduler. Is there any way to do this?

I tried the service sample.commandlineExec:fireCommandExec, but this doesn’t, and gives a succes=true message.



You should be able to execute an OS script without problems. Is the script you are trying to run in the PATH of the Integration Server? Are you specifying the full path name of the script?

Have you script leave some debug trace for you to see if it is really running or not. Probably your script is running but erroring out becuase you are in the wrong folder or something.

Step1: Place the {name}.bat file in the hard drive.

Step2: Create a java service within the developer.

Step3: Instantiate the java runtime class from within the wMjava service.

Step4. Execute the batch file from the java service.

Hope this helps!