Start adapter listener from command line

Is there a way to start an adapter listener from the command line?


You can use wget or curl to invoke the built-in service from WmART package and passing the correct inputs.

I recommend to read the Doc on using http ports for invoking services…


Thanks Jeremy!
Can you tell me which doc please?

Not sure as I’m not on my computer now …

Usually it goes like this :

  • find the service which enables the adapter in WmART pacKage and copy it’s full name in the clipboard
  • compose URL : http://[hostname]:[port]/invoke/[service_fullname]?[input1]=[value1]&[input2]=[value2]…
    of course you might need to add he authentication (admin user) with -username=[IS Admin user] -password=[password for admin user]
  • do an http get using curl or wget pointing to above composed URL


How do I identify which service starts the adapter?

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