Stack Over Flow error

in my one ‘salesXML’ service i’m facing this issue when i’m trying to convert the csv files into xml file. the same process i’m doing for json format it is totally working fine but for xml it’s throwing this exception.

“java.lang.reflect.InvocationTargetException: StackOverflowError”

can anybody tell me why this error is coming?

Hi Alfia,

please check for the memory settings of your IS as well as the size of the XML you are trying to process.

Can you provide us an outline of the salesXML service as well as the document structure of the XML?



Are you invoking a service that has a recursive call? A StackOverflowError is typically caused by a recursive function that doesn’t terminate properly, i.e. it recurses indefinitely. Feel free to share the code and perhaps we can assist further.



Please share additional information about the service and how it is being run. Obviously you do not want to share sensitive or private info but share as much as you can. Right now all we know is that Java is involved. We do not know what product you’re using. What “salesXML” is. What the code does.

You’re making the group guess at what might be wrong. Posting just the error message and nothing else and expecting useful help is a bit optimistic.


hey Holger, Thanks for the reply.
I have resolved the issue.
Actually in my integration server i’m having some issues after doing some changes on the service and after restarting the server i got the expected output.

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Thanks for the reply, Reamon
from the next time, I will surely try to provide the full informaton.