SSL Issue to Broker

Dear Experts,

Pls help, our SSL connection to broker fails intermittently. We have a MDB Listener on our Apps Server which subscribes to topics our WM Broker. Some how the SSL conn breaks and we have to restart our apps server. This is getting more frequent. Also noticed the following messages in Broker Logs

Broker Logs:
Could not accept SSL connection, bad handshake from…

Apps Server Logs:
javax.jms.JMSSecurityException: Connection to broker failed: Security Error (114-1441): The connection to host ‘’ could not be opened because the secure socket handshake failed. This can happen if the the server’s certificate is not trusted by your certificate file, or if the server requires a client certificate and no distinguished name was provided when making the connection, or if an attempt was made to connect to a non-secure port.

Apps Server: Sun ONE Apps Server 7.1 EE on Solaris 8
WM Broker : WM 6.1 sp3 on Solaris 8

Pls help, it is severly affecting our Prod setup…have been in touch with WM support, no solution as of now…