SSL Client alternate certificate set for Trading Partner


I am trying to use an alternate set of certificates to make an SSL connection to a Trading Partner in webMethods 6.5.

The ‘webMethods Trading Networks Concepts Guide’ indicates that this is possible in the ‘Communicating Securely Using SSL’ section of Appendix B.

I have been able use the alternative certificate set to sign messages sent to the TP and decrypt messages received from them; but I am having no success with the SSL Client settings.

What I have set is the following:
a) IS > Security > Certificates > Outbound SSL Certificates
default certificates

b) TN > Enterprise > Security > Default > SSL Client
(no certificates)

c) TN > Enterprise > Security > Alternate TP > SSL Client
alternate certificates

The default certificates are being used to make the connection instead of the alternate set (proved this by adding the default certificate to the TP’s client certificates list).

I have searched the web, forums, and documentation but cannot see a clear example of how to implement this.

I would appreciate it if anyone can point me to an explicit example or offer any help.


Software AG sent me through a fix to the wm.ip.ebxml.trp:simpleDelivery flow service that worked. This fix will be officially released in Jan '09.

The official fix is ‘WmebXML_6-0-1_SP1_Fix17’.