SQL Server Stored procedures

Hi , I am using SQL Server 7.0 StoredProcedure in EAI server for the customer transaction. I declared three output parameters in procedure and also in the document type , the mapping also perfect in Enterprise Integrator. procedure is running perfect but always getting null message in all the returned three output parameter though the actual procedure return some values…Please can someone help me out how to overcome this situation…will be great if you could guide me?

in procedure I declared something like…
@Type char(1) OUTPUT,
@EType char(3) OUTPUT,
@SType char(3) OUTPUT

did you map out put return by stored procedure to out value of your
service or IC(integrationComponent?).In IS we specifies out parameters
in the service by name,sqlType,direction aswell as we specifies
out value as the value your storedProcedure returns.Actually database
Message won’t returns actual out Parameter of your storedProcedure.
Is it correct?


if @@ERROR = 0

select count(*) as ‘@outv – Success’ from CatalogHeader


Here is how you can output a value from the stored procedure.
Hope this helps!


Try JDBC adapter 4.6. it works with stored procedures and allows youto access output fields.