SpiderOak cloud-based backup

I’ve been a user of cloud-based backup and file sharing services like Carbonite, Drop Box and Mozy for some time.

I signed up for a 3-year Carbonite contract 2.5 years ago and don’t plan to renew due to the cost and due to how poorly it runs on my new Macbook Air.

I like Drop Box for its integration with my iPhone, but their new terms of service basically give them ownership of my data.

I recently decided to switch over to SpiderOak after reading about it on a blog or two and learning that its terms of services give them access to none of my data. I like the fact that all of my PCs and Macs can share the same account free of charge so long as I stay under the storage limit.

The first 2GB are free and you can purchase additional storage if needed.

To give it a try, please consider hitting my referral link. You’ll get an extra 1 Gb of storage (3Gb total) and I will as well.



Interesting will take a look:

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