SpellChecker component in webMethods CAF

hi All,

Does webMethods CAF has any component which can be used for spellchecker functionality? If not, what would you suggest to use to develop spell checker component in webMethods based applications.

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Raja sekhar Kintali

No, CAF does not have a public spell checking service. Spell checking is built into many modern browsers like firefox, so you may get it for free.

I haven’t tried this, but this library looks promising: http://code.google.com/p/google-api-spelling-java/

hi Eric,

Thanks for your inputs and providing alternate API to look into.

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Raja sekhar Kintali

MWS Version 8.2.1

Any idea what is the purpose of Jazzy Spellchecker?

Login as SysAdmin and search for Spell returns Jazzy Spellchecker and few other Spell Checking components.