spam related words

I got an unusual message when replying to a post today. Apparently I used a spam related keyword and my post would not go thru. What was unusual was the keyword I used - think abbreviated for Parameter Data Area - and it’s such a commonly used abbreviation in the Natural world.

Question: what kind of spam was related to it?

I would also like GDA and Data-Area-Editor to be but into the list of SPAM-words :lol:


As defined by wikipedia ( PDA is commonly used to mean Personal Digital Assistant and since most of the spammers on the community are trying to sell mobile phones that is what we are trying to stop. What we did to generate the list of spam words was to simply take some of the spam posts and use them as a template to get the words we filter on. But I see what you mean, I’ll remove PDA from the list, and also digital and mobile, which has just stopped me replying to this post :oops:

What about “cal-culator”?

Hmm, marginal; I’ll take it out for now but if we get spam containing this coming through again I’ll have to put it back in the filter list.

You do have to admit we’ve had a lot less spam on the forums since we implemented the filter system :smiley:

Please remove the word “c d” (without the space) from your spam-list. Otherwise I’m not able to answer to the following topic…

Would it be possible to have a tag [nospam][/nospam] to surround spam related words? With the rule, that only one single word can be enclosed with this tags? This tag should also work in


enclosed text passages.

[quote="Wilfried B

I think we should leave our spam filter as it is and just remove / add words as we find them - it’s no great deal for us to do it and it seems to be working just fine at the moment.
BTW: “cd” is no longer in the list.

It works! Thanks!