Sorting / Organizing global variables

I’m trying to move from custom properties files to global variables for easier maintenance. The list of global variables is starting to get rather long and they’re presented in the order they were created. Is there any way to have them sorted by variable name in the IS Admin page?

Could you please elaborate on the reasons for the move? Because I’d rather do it in the opposite direction.

I’m the single webMethods developer/administrator/everything in a small IT department. I’m trying to simplify administrative tasks to make it easier to farm them out to others in my department that don’t have a lot of webMethods experience. Updating a global variable in the IS Administrator is easier to explain and do than updating a properties file and then reloading the properties file.

Also, I’m a lot happier with storing passwords in global variables than in properties files.

I have a custom DSP page and package that I developed for a customer that supports additional functionality for global variables. ie sortable columns, additional fields for comments/tagging, search bar, mass import, export etc. If you’re interested please email me and I can setup a demonstration.

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