Sorting of events/alarms in the data point graph widget

It is not possible to set the order of the events/alarm points in the data point graph widget. There is no way to tell, which alarm/event is taking which line in the widget.

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Can you give more detail of what you see as the problem? Annotated screenshot would be nice.

I meant the order of the items in screenshot. Hope this clarifies.

The reason is, that some events relate to each other (like door open, door closed), so it is expected, that they would be shown under each other. And if there is a different event type between them, it confuses the user.


I find the events alarms are displayed on the widget in the order you add them to the widget.

The widget config panel shows them in alphanumeric order.

Which is even more confusing :wink:

Also I can not confirm, that the order in which they are added is always kept. Try to delete some and add again. I still haven’t found a clear way to give them some order.

Which version are you using?
In 10.17 it keeps the order in which you add the event/alarm to the widget i.e. first added is at the top.
Yes, this makes the config confusing because it presents the list in alphanumeric order but the preview to the right shows the actual display order.