Sorting JDBC Adapter connections

Is there anyway to sort the JDBC Adapters connections either by connection name or package? It seems to me that there is no reasoning to order on this page (Or at least I can not figure it out). At least on the Polling notifications they are last refreshed, last in line.

Hi Billy,

I think they are returned in the order they were created/registered.

You can:

  1. Register a feature request through the Advantage wishlist forum:

  2. Use the (non-public) flow service ‘’ to extend the current .dsp or implement a .jsp interface. For JDBC Adapter Connections, the ‘adapterType’ is ‘JDBCAdapter’. ‘’ shows the adapter types and internal labels against which the connections are registered.


I suppose you could be correct. It is very confusing to me because I added my 30th JDBC connection to my cluster yesterday and the new one shows up in the list as number 29. To me there is no reason for it to show up 29th, but so be it.

I will certainly add this to the wish list.