[SOLVED] Order of Entries in Custom Noodle Leftnav Portlet

I added the Noodle Leftnav portlet to a custom Shell Section and set the “Applications Root” setting to point to my application. I get a list of entries pointing to my pages (in the Fabric Tasks taxonomy) in the left hand menu. So far, so good.

Now: How can I set the order of these entries? I could not find anything in the documentation. It seems arbitrary to me and even changes when deploying to another MWS …

Any help is highly appreciated.

Playing around a bit I found the solution:

  1. I used the MWS Admin view in Designer to navigate to my pages
  2. In the Advanced tab in the Properties view I set the sortID attribute on the pages
  3. I started with a positive number for the page that I wanted to come out on top (starting with 0 did not work, it was replaced when I deployed to another MWS)
  4. I restarted my MWS

Upon the next access to my menu, the entries were sorted correctly. It also worked on a different MWS after deploying the changes. :slight_smile: