Software AG Command Central

What is Software AG Command Central?

Command Central is the control center for your Software AG ecosystem. It enables you to install, deploy, patch, configure, manage, monitor, and upgrade your Software AG products. It also allows you to create database components and connect products to them, remotely from one location.

Main Capabilities:

  1. Unified Interface: Through its Web UI, Command Central offers a single, central view of your software landscape. This means you can manage all your Software AG products in a consistent manner, without the need to juggle multiple tools.
  2. Remote Control: Forget about logging into multiple remote machines. Command Central lets you start, stop, and manage components, install fixes, and access log files, all from one central console.
  3. Template-based Provisioning: Streamline your deployment process by using templates. This makes setting up new environments for projects or developers a breeze.
  4. Landscape Management: Group your servers into environments for easier administration and to keep your landscape organized.
  5. Scripted Maintenance: Whether it’s routine activities or specialized tasks, you can automate them using scripts, making maintenance more efficient.
  6. Elastic Expansion: Need to grow? Command Central scales seamlessly, allowing for easy expansion as your infrastructure grows.


  • Command Line: For those who love terminal, everything you can do via the Web UI can also be done through the Command Line Tool.
  • REST Service API: Integrate Command Central into your existing systems or automate tasks using its robust REST API.
  • Continuous Integration: Command Central supports continuous integration servers such as Jenkins and generic configuration management tools such as Puppet and Chef.

Backward Compatibility:

One of the strengths of Command Central is its backward compatibility. The latest version can manage multiple older installations, so you don’t have to worry about versioning issues.

Use Cases:

  • Centralized Management/Monitoring: Keep an eye on everything from one console.
  • Scripted Maintenance Activities: Automate routine tasks for higher efficiency.
  • Re-Pro-Environments: Easily replicate existing environments for testing or development.
  • New Project/Developer Environments: Quick setup for new projects or team members.
  • Elastic Expansion: Scale your infrastructure effortlessly.

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