Software AG cloud

Hi All,

Can anyone please help me in understanding what is softwareAG cloud is providing.

I below link it’s asking for softwareAG cloud name , but it’s not moving to next step .Is there any other way to register and explore for options provided?

Baharul Islam

You can check the below link for more details:


Hi Sanjan,

I have gone through it but can’t find any specific information on this.

Hi Baharul, is the home of all Software AG products that are offered as a cloud service e.g. webMethods Integration Cloud, webMethods API Cloud, webMethods B2B Cloud, Cumulocity IOT Cloud, etc. It’s an unified PaaS portal that gives the ability to start using them quickly at no cost and then scale at the right time.

Before logging in you need to create your account. Select the product that interests you from the navigation and click the “Try for free” button. Under Software AG Cloud name type an unique name (it will be used for login and also in the url) and fill in the other fields.
After your account is set up you will be able to login here using the name you gave during registration and start building your project. You can also add other products from the expanding set of integrated cloud services to your new account.

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