I have created some portlets using wM designer. I established web service connectivity with flow services. In portlet one i established WS connectivity and its working fine. I used adapters in flow services. Its querying the DB and the results are displayed in async table.

The same way i created portlet 2. Similar flow service, same input and output fields but retrieving from different table. But its not working. The problem is sometimes it works and display the results in table. But many times it shows

I have followed the same approach for the two portlets. But the first is running and the second is not.

Please help me

MWS generates a webservice connector with a default timeout (Don’t remember if 30 seconds or 1 minute), if your service takes longer to answer you get the timeout.

Increase timeout for the connector.

Thanks for the reply
Could you please tell me where and how to change the time out in designer screens.

Thanks. I have increased the time out . After that it showed Remote Proxy exception. Then i gave user name and pasword.

Now its working fine. Thanks for ur help