SocketTimeOut Exception when executing webServices


Some webService calls are failing in the web Application with “ Read timed out”. I know the reason is because the operation itself is consuming more than normal time to execute. I tried setting values between 5 and 10 seconds for the SocketTimeOut field on the webService properties. But this is not solving the problem.

My questions below.

  1. What is the default Socket TimeOut value set for webservices and where is it set?
  2. What is the usage of “SocketTimeOut” property of webServices?

Thanks for your help,

Hello Raj,

you can see the default timeout in the bindings view under:

  • Implicit Variables -> Environment Variables -> wsclient-socketTimeout

Its default value is 5000ms.
The property “Socket Timeout” of a Web Service Connector overrides this default value.

best regards

I dont see in webservice provider properties, where do we set them ?