Soaphttp problem

while using pub.soapHTTP flow i am getting error Connection reset. Can anybody help me to figure out what exactly it means?


Generally net.SocketException means that your HTTP destination is not allowing to open a socket session to that server.Please make sure the URL is correct for that user/password,you can check the same in the browser.

Hi wM experts,

I am also facing same error “ Connection reset”.

We have consumer webservice and trying to call webservice in windows 2008 server from wm 9.5. We are getting 95% success but 5% request are failing with “ Connection reset”

FYI: We have same webservice in windows 2003 server where we are getting 100% success, no connection reset error.

Kindly help.


You may have check and compare the fix levels on both the IS and also check if you have the below setting



Is the endpoint you are connecting to over HTTP or HTTPS?

We had similar problems when doing SOAP requests over HTTPS to another application within the company.

Every now and then, the calls to the other application failed with “Connection reset”

We are using webMethods 8.2 with IS_8.2_SP2_Core_Fix2 and this might be a problem in the framework that I would think is resolved with the newer fixes/versions.

Our solution was to use plain HTTP and the problem did not occurred anymore.

Can you try this also?

Hope it helps,
Vlad Turian