soapHTTP + HTTPS + null pointer exception

Hi all,

I have a problem to send SOAP messages via HTTPS using soapHTTP service.
Everytime I am trying to send any message I get error: null pointer exception.

I am using wM 6.5 with SP2.
I have applied all fixes for SP2 and webservice I found on Advantage site.

I am sure I have all fields populated correctly for soapHTTP service.
I have installed all necessary certificates for outbound ssl connection.
I tested connection with openssl and certificates are ok.

In this thread I found possible solution but for me its very hard to get sign off for any changes on our servers.

The same problem I have also with service soapRPC using HTTPS connection.

Did anybody face this problem before?
Could you confirm solution from above thread?

thanks for any suggestions

It seems to be similar issue related to “loadAs”.

Hi Ajaynaina,

before I applied SP2 with other fixes I could not see 2 input parameters for service soapHTTP:

Now they are there and I am using “byteArrayStream” in loadAs parameter.

I applied also fixes for function documentToXMLString because I found out there is possible another problem - it returns XML as object and not as string.

But all this didn’t help.