SOAP with attachments web service in WM 61

I am brand new to WM 6.1 and am trying to understand the “big picture”.

Say, I have a WSDL that takes as input a SOAP message with some content as a MIME attachment.


<operation name=“sendOctet”>
<soap:operation soapAction="" />
<soap:body use=“literal”/>
<mime:content part=“octet” type=“application/octet-stream”/>
… similarly for output …

<service name=“XlationService”>
<port name=“XlationSvc” binding="…">
<soap:address location="http://localhost:5555/XlationSvc"/>

What I want to happen is for WM to listen to the XlationService end-point (as in soap:address), get a SOAP message with the file as an attachment, run the translation service and send back the XML file as an attachment back to the client. (The translation service transforms an incoming “binary” format file to an “XML” file).

The plan is to use WM to implement the “translation” service.

Where do I start ?

I have heard of Glue. Is it part of WM 6.1 ?
How does Glue integrate with WM ?

Any pointers to examples, documentation (I am currently reading the
SOAP Developer’s guide) is appreciated.

Thank you