SOAP UI responce --- need a Attachment

Hi wmusers,

I’m testing from SOAP UI regarding Attachment handling. I could able to dowebservice invoke with a Atttachment(*.txt file), with base64 content type field, and decode that and able to see the original text in file.

Thanks for the soapui site…

But my concern here is…how to test Responce as Attachment.
In the Responce panal of soapui, i need to get a Attachment(not sure on the format and how to send responce).

I want to see the Attachment in soapui Responce panal…

Any ideas … !!! atleast is there any reference site for this… like the above one.

Thanks in advance.

The service you are invoking in webMethods IS will need to use built-in services to create the attachment to be returned via MTOM. In the old days, one had to do this using S/MIME services, but there may be new soap with attachments (SWA) services for that purpose in the current releases.


Thanks for your Reply mark,

In the service i have a flow like…
Mapped the base64Binary field to a Object type variable.
Mapped Object type variable to a String field.

Till this step, i got the content in the file.

Now, I need to test it in a reverse scenario like…

whenever caller calls to webservice, need to get a file from a location and send it to caller. how can i test this through SOAP UI.(not sure on format)

And, how should be the SOAP UI Responce… can i send it as bytes or write to any disc or is there any way to test this scenario.
what are all possible scenarios there to send a file to caller as SOAP Responce.

Thanks in Advance