Soap-rpc & Soap-msg


Can u guys explain the difference between SOAP-RPC & SOAP-MSG?
I tried a lot to understand the difference but couldn’t. what I m not able to understand the usability of both.
Few queries revolving in my mind for which I couldn’t get answer even from wM Guides.
1> In my previous threads I got many comments that “Avoid SOAP-RPC” but why?
2> What are different circumstances when we need to use SOAP-MSG & when SOAP-RPC?


I’m assuming you have answered that question. I presume it’s for a standards based approach to interoperability. Since you are using it for that purpose, it would probably make sense to follow the standards. The WS-I Basic profile is the acknowledged compatibility standard for Web Services. WS-I says no to RPC/Encoded.

Here is a very good article explaining the differences in the styles and the pros/cons of each -

thanks Mark,
It was really helpful…