Soap rpc processor incoming message log and know sender


I have a flow web service called using wM’s soap rpc processor. I was wondering if there’s any log where wM soap rpc processor stores all received soap requests. Also any way I can come to know the sender ip address or source in my called flow web service.


You can create a custom SOAP processor.

This would allow you to do logging, advanced security checks, or whatever. In order to avoid creating lots of custom processors, you can use properties to dynamically select the appropriate IS service to hand-off the business-level processing to.

Relying on sender ip address for any kind of security or authentication is a bad idea. You should be using PKI for encryption/authentication.

Instead of creating a custom processor, we were trying to find out if the wM provided soap rpc processor [url]http://wMserver:5555/soap/rpc[/url], does any kind of logging.

Not that I am aware of. This is exactly why I’ve used custom processors. ( So I hope I wasn’t doing that extra work for nothing! )


I agree with Mark R. that as far as I can tell there is no built-in logging in the default Soap RPC processor. Customized logging and security requirements are exactly the reasons why you would build a custom soap processor.

Mark C.