soap response output returns "true" instead of soap envelope

We’re seeing the following issue:

  1. Flow service runs fine with appropriate output signature
  2. When I generate a wsdl and invoke the flow service, I can see the soapResponseData param only has “true” in the step after the soapRPC call

This appears to happen only on one service, i.e. other web service invokes are fine. There is no output template set on the service, yet when I invoke it via the admin console, I only see “true” in the browser, instead of an html table containing the response data.

This is on IS 6.5 SP2. Has anyone seen this before?

you sadi other webservices are working properly. Are they based on the soap RPC. if so then u have forgotten to mention some document signature while creating the SOAP RPC service.

If then also it not worked then I think you need to check for the advantage site for any fixes