Soap request interface question in wm 46

I am working on wm 4.6, my company parner sends a soap request to one of my services(getSoapReq).
What I did is register a soap custom processor with directive as “partnerreq” & svcname as

Then I have given (http://servername:port/soap/partnerreq) url to my company partner to send
their request to wm server, is it correct way of doing?.

can any body know What is the use of wsd file.


The wsd is the WSDL file that can be given to the partner. If will have the appropriate URL for them to talk to inside as the address of the “portType” of the “operation” that you want then to call. That is WSDLspeak for “they have the URL of the IS service”.

If the partner has IS they can use Developer to generate a Web Service Connector - a service that is the client to your service. Most other SOAP toolkits have an analog tool like wsdl2java which will generate the appropriate client for them.