Hello All,

I am trying to expose a test flow service (which receives a string, “companyName” as input) as a web service. The protocol I need is SOAP_MSG. When I click on the generate wsdl button it asks me for service input/output which I understand can be both an xml schema and an IS document. I also understand that creating an IS document with just one string field “companyName” and using that as an input dosent help.

I tried creating a document with the first field as a document reference to the QName document in the pub.soap.util folder and creatign the second field as “companyName” but it still fails.

Can any body please give me an example of a valid IS document type or an XML schema to succesfully generate the WSDL file for my service which expects just one string as input.

Any help is appreciated.



To invoke a webMethods service using the SOAP:Message encoding style (also known as document literal), you need to first create a service that will use the pub.soap.utils:getBody service to extract the payload or document to be processed from the body of the soap message. You then need to convert the body object to a document to be processed.

To invoke this service you must post an XML document containing a properly formed soap message to a soap processor on the IS server. The default doc literal soap processor is http:hostname:port\soap\default}.

The body of your soap message must be a valid XML document that contains a document like the following:

This will send the soap message to the service myFolder:myService where your pub.soap.utils:getBody call will extract the payload for you to process.

The Soap Programming Guide and the examples in the WmSamplesPackage are both very good sources of information. Find 'em. Use 'em.


Thanks Mark,

I am successfully able to communicate with the web service using soap_msg protocol.



Glad to hear you’re making progress.

Actually, in looking back at my earlier post, the example XML document I gave was missing the xmlns:xsd=“myFolder” attribute (I forgot to uncheck the “Enable HTML code in message” box). The correct document should have been:

[quote] <xsd:myservice xmlns:xsd="myFolder"> <string1>this is a string</string1> <xsd:myservice> [/quote] [b]Note:[/b] this document would need to be inclosed in a valid Soap envelope.