Soap Message Error

I was working with SOAP Message Webservice Generator and I got this error

Could not run ‘addnmul’. java.lang.Exception: missing required parameter 'document

I was wrting a small webservice on a simple flow service of adding 2 number and then multiplying the result with another number.

As per the requirment I have created 2 IS Documents of which the First one is for the input sand th other one is for the Output. I dont know what I have done the mistake…please help me out in this one…


Your Flow service is using some built-in service and you did not map an input to the document parameter or you mapped one but at runtime the content of the source document was null.

Create a simple Flow service to serve as a test harness. In that service create the soap message you expect to receive and then call the Flow service you are trying to expose. My hunch is that your Flow is not correctly extracting a document from the soap body and there for it is null when you get to the step that is failing.