SOAP Http problem

Hi All,
i am trying to post the SOAP data using the SOAPHttp. Here are the steps i followed.

1.Created SoapData object
2. Then add the body using [FONT=ArialNarrow][SIZE=2]


[/size][/font]3.Finally posting the soap data using soapHTTP.

i got the status as 200 and statusmessage as ok
in the header part in pipeline out.

but i am getting an error in ResponseSoapdata as
“Object Reference not set to an instance of an object”.

Could anybody help me where i am going wrong?



Where is the web service you are invoking hosted? That message would seem to indicate that the web service provider is receiving the message, but is not able to process the request successfully. However, I would have expected a return code of 500 - Internal Server Error and a soap fault with an optional stack trace.



Hi Mark,
Thanks for your reply. I am trying to post the HRxml to the Client over the secure connection(Https://webservice). Shall i need to change any server properties for posting to Https ?

Please let me know how can i do this?

You should not need to do anything special in IS to invoke a web service over HTTPS. My guess is that you are not creating the soapRequest correctly or not sending the required information.

Did the HR application provide a WSDL file? How did you create the Flow service you are using to invoke the web service?