SOAP Header Namespace Prefix

Hi all,

This is Nandoo,I had a doubt regarding SOAP Concepts.I am just trying to create a SOAP data.But i got an error like
ISS.0088:9143 —>Invalid header entry,namespace not properly defined.
What could i do to get this error out.

 I didn`t get the concept of SOAP header namespace prefix.  

I am not a master of wm so please help me
Thanks in advance

Hi Nandoo,

You have breif information about SOAP in HELP( Integration server BIS reference guide Pdf documentation).


Thanks Priya.But I already gone through those document.
Once again i will explain my scenario.see
I need to generate a soap that i have given a header data entry in the following manner…

The header data entry node is created from a document which has the following fields
senderid,docid and xmlns:HDR then i convert this document to xmlstring and after that xmlstring to xml node
and i finally map this node to header entry of the addheaderPart ok
now i had a doubt of assigning the xmlns:HDR
actually what i have to assign here
i am confused a lot…?
If we have to assign a valid namespace means can i assign any url…?

plz help needed
Thanks in advance

This doubt may be small.but i can`t get it right for the past 2 days
so please help me

Thanks in advance

Hi Nandoo,
Look into the services in wmPublic folder pub.soap.utils.Here you will find service to create Header entry for Header data>once you create a Header Data you can map it to Header field in the service.Also regarding namespace you need to give the server namespace.Hope it helps.

Puneet Verma

Hi Puneet,

Thanks, u said to give the server namespace as the namespace for header entry.see i m studying in my own so could u tell me what is that server namespace is…?(it is the location where i the server is installed or my package location)

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To add a namespace-qualified SOAP header entry:

  1. Create your empty soap data envelope using the pub.soap.utils:createSoapData []Populate the document you want to add as a header item using one or more MAP steps. We’ll call this document myHeader for this example. []When you map the myHeader document to the input of the pub.xml:documentToXMLSting service, use the pipeline editor to make it the child (indented one level) of the “document” input and rename it to “HDR:myHeader”. []Populate the namespace declarations “nsdecls” document in the pub.xml:documentToXMLString service setting the prefix to “HDR” and the namespace to whatever value you want to use such as "". This value can be whatever you need it to be it does not have to map to a real URL. XML namespaces are used to differentiate between identically named elements, not to point to some physical address. []Convert the resulting xmlstring and then map that to the headerEntry input of the pub.soap.utils:addHeaderEntry" service. The soapData variable should now contain a header part with your (namespace qualified) header entry. You can now add body elements in the same way. Be sure to drop variables like xmlstring, node and soapData when you are finished with them.



Thanks mark
ur explanation made me very clear…
i went wrong in the 3rd step.But now i am clear

Thanks & Regards,

I have sent a soapRequest message to a service that resides in

another server.Now i want to send a soapResponse to the requested

client.When i try to build the soapResponse data it is saying as

Invalid Namespaces.I dont know where i am going wrong? I have given

the namespace as http://ipaddress:portnumber/somename.

If this is wrong which should i give?

Thanks in Advance

Sounds like you need to add a namespace qualification to an element in the soap response message. What is the text of the error message?

Are you returning the response as the result of a web service on your IS being invoked? I’m not clear on your scenario.


Hi Carlson,

 I am just making retiving some datas from the soapRequest data and I am adding another field namely known as 'status' and sending this document as soapResponse object. 

 On trying to develop this one the error occuring is invelid namespace in the body entries. 

Thanks in Advance,

what is the namespace should i give for sending soapResponse after

getting the soapRequest.


Sorry. Your question is still pretty unclear.

Any valid XML Schema URI will work as the namespace. “urn:myNamespace”, "", and "http://foo" will all work.